Things every marketplaces business owner should know about expedited marketplace payment

by Marketing Team

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Things every marketplaces business owner should know about expedited marketplace payment

by Marketing Team

Large marketplaces like AmazonFnaceBay, Cdiscount or Rakuten apply payment terms that differs from 2 days to 15 days. Some e-commerce platforms are particularly popular for the accelerated payment mechanism. 

This is the case with Amazon and Rakuten. on the other hand, other marketplaces like Cdiscount, takes much longer depending on the estimated delivery date. 


How do marketplaces regulate the flow of commissions?

The marketplaces are adopting different strategies to ensure their financial operations. They can benefit from a Payment Institution (EP) or Electronic Money (EME) approval. These are services that guarantee payment to sellers. Be aware, however, that obtaining accreditation can take a long time and is quite expensive. 

Another possible alternative is to use a payment instrument within the network itself. This procedure requires collaboration with a specialized professional and institutions. Although this option is much more believable, the file assembly can also take quite a long time. 

Last possibility: the marketplace settles the commissions of the sellers thanks to the approval of an outside company. To obtain it, all you have to do is register and fulfill the various conditions of good reputed business. 

In addition, the management of financial flows can be delegated to a payment service provider (PSP). In this case, the service provider concludes the contracts directly with the sellers of the marketplace . 


How can accelerated payment on an e-commerce platform grow your business?

The payment period is one of the main criteria considered by sellers to choose a marketplace. With an expedited checkout process, you can quickly replenish your inventory . 

As soon as you receive your commission on the marketplace , you can start to consider your business development projects. The improvements to be undertaken depend on your own initiative, needs or considerations. This could be, for example, expanding your premises or recruiting new recruits to achieve your sales objectives. 

Another advantage of receiving your commissions as soon as possible is that you can take business decision quickly. This is a convenient way to increase your monthly sales. In particular, you have the possibility of viewing your orders at any time and of closely following the evolution of your financing.


Qashflo - An expedited marketplace payment solution

Among the recognized providers in the field, Qashflo helps you to receive your marketplace payments on D + 2 . To get your payments faster, sign up. You will receive a response within 48 hours. As for the commission, it is set around 1% of your sales. Learn more about Qashflo here

Once you have registered with Qashflo, log in and complete all the required fields to activate your account. After registration, you will be able to receive your payments every day and does not have wait for 20 to 40 days. 

You will note that no additional investment or setup cost is required. After receiving your commissions, you can negotiate with the suppliers. All you have to do is find the right strategies to compete with your competition. 

Thus, obtaining an external approval remains the most advantageous solution for companies. This is a reliable payment method to take full advantage of your commissions.


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