Qashflo Financing Solution For eCommerce Sellers

by Marketing Team

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Qashflo Financing Solution For eCommerce Sellers

by Marketing Team


What is Ecommerce financing?


Ecommerce financing is a simple funding solution that can provide working capital to eCommerce businesses. Some of the solutions that an eCommerce business might need are micro-loans, lines of credit, etc. The funding for these businesses depends on what kind of funding you are looking for. There are two types of funding available. They are:

  • Business loans- For established companies that are looking for sustainable growth.
  • Invoice solutions- For small-scale companies looking for funding opportunities to grow in terms of revenue and size.



Most small businesses choose to opt for eCommerce payment solutions to meet their payment obligation. Many businesses also use alternative financing options to access capital for their business.


What is Ecommerce financing


How does eCommerce financing work?


The eCommerce financing process is pretty simple. It is like taking a payday loan. When a seller requests eCommerce financing, the finance company pays an advance amount as capital to the seller. The seller then pays back the loan to the financing company at a gap of 15 days with the revenues earned from the sales.

There are different financing programs available in the market. While some solutions are available at no extra charge; and others charge a flat rate per transaction. For instance, Qashflo Finance offers a fixed commission rate for each transaction, and it is a good choice as a finance company.

There are several eCommerce financing companies in the market. However, when you think about eCommerce seller financing, the one name that comes to mind is Qashflo Financing Solutions.

When you apply for capital financing, the company's credit team will assess the application and perform a risk analysis. Once the qualitative and quantitative assessments are done, the capital is ready to be dispensed.

Features of Qashflo Financing Solutions


Although there are certain criteria that you need to meet to avail of Qashflo financing, there are some great features that make this loan an attractive one. Let's find out the features of the Qashflo financing solution:

Next day payment

The eligibility criteria to avail of this loan are straightforward, and hence you can receive instant next-day payment from Qashflo financing solutions without any personal guarantee.

Simple criteria of eligibility

All you need to have is an active seller account where you can show at least six months of sales history.

Easy and quick approval

Once you furnish all the details about your business and show the sales history, you need not wait for an extended period to finance it. You will get rapid approval within two days for the finance.

No hidden cost

There is no hidden cost involved when applying for the Qashflo financing as they have a fixed commission.  It will take care of all your marketplace payments.



The entire process of applying for eCommerce finance till the execution of the loan is very transparent. Thus, it is a very reliable source from which you can avail of your business's loan. So what are you waiting for? If you need instant financing, you have Qashflo financing out there to help you succeed.


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